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Re: Textutils 2.0.16-1 (part 1 of 3)

On Mon, Nov 12, 2001 at 09:45:16AM +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
>I've uploaded your updated tarballs to the redhat server, when they've
>got to a mirror or two, you are good to go with an announcement.
>1 nit, your setup.hint didn't have a requires: line, so I just used the
>current one - requires: ash cygwin.

Actually the setup.hint was really screwed up.  I got a bunch of errors from
the setup.ini updater.

The syntax for setup.hint is not exactly the same as for setup.ini.
You don't put [prev] and [curr] in it.

You don't put install: or source: in it.  It's supposed to be a "hint"
for information that can't be inferred otherwise, like category, sdesc,
or requires.

Also, AFAIK, setup.exe doesn't allow different categories or requirements
for different versions since these fields apply on a per-package not
a per-version basis.

sdesc is the short, one line description of the package.  It is not the
name of the package.  ldesc is a multi-line, detailed description.  It
is not the one-line description.

If you do need to specify the current/prev/test version, you use the
version number, not the name of the tar archive.

Anyway, I've modified the setup.hint to this:

sdesc: The GNU text file processing utilities
category: base
requires: ash cygwin

This makes the textutils setup.hint similar to the other setup.hint's
in latest/contrib.


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