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Re: Setup snpshot bug no skip/keep

Robert Collins wrote:
> The problem with 4 buckets is that either 1 is a pointer to another or
> you have to remember to change 2 whenever you change one. Both of which
> will be annoying. When this becomes a bit more oop, this can be made
> transparent, and then it will be easier.

I'm confused - remove the current Info for installed and add a new bucket for 
installed in the Info structure that keeps track of Prev, Curr and Test.  You 
still are only updating one installed bucket.
> The current UNKNOWN bucket, IMO should be used to store the installed
> package details IFF it's not listed in setup.ini.

That works for me - I guess I just don't see why the installed Info Structure 
is separate from the info Info Structure as we discussed above.  But I think in 
some earlier versions before the heavy rewrites we did use Unknown for an 
installed version not in setup.ini - at least that was the trust we used 
although we may not have used that part of the structure.

> Also local tarballs should be included, and the bucket count should be
> dynamic.



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