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Re: My problems from yesterday are because of new openssh version

Wrong list.

I've redirected to Cygwin-Apps@Cygwin.Com


Jonathan Kamens wrote:

> When I downgrade sshd on my Cygwin box to a much older version that
> we're using on all of our other machines, the rsync hang I reported
> yesterday goes away (I haven't confirmed it yet, but I suspect that
> the "Address already in use" error may go away as well).
> I tried openssh-2.9.9p2-1 and openssh-2.9.9p2-2, in addition to the
> openssh-3.0p1-1 which I had originally had installed, and they both
> exhibit the rsync hang as well.  So I apparently need to walk back
> through even older versions to locate the one that introduced the
> problem.
> It would be easier for me to debug this if I can locate the particular
> version of openssh that introduced the problem, because that'll give
> me a starting point of where to look.  What I don't know is -- where
> can I get the old openssh packages that are no longer accessible on
> or its mirrors?  Are they in a CVS repository
> somewhere or something?
> Thanks,
>   jik

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