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Re: rsync README and <>

> Could you create a setup.hint file with this information in it?  If you
> look at the current setup.ini, you'll see the short description for rsync.
> If you could just create a setup.ini with an updated 'requires' line
> then I'll install it.  It should probably look something like:
> requires cygrunsrv bash zlib
> (I don't know what it actually requires but hopefully you get the idea)

-cygrunsrv is required only to use it as a rsync:// server (in --daemon mode)
-zlib is not used (rsync currently uses a modified version that's in its
-ssh is required for acces via ssh, of course.. but not for rsync:// servers
-bash is only required for commodity, but of course works perfectly in CMD.EXE
if path is correct

Uhm... it seems that actually it requires... nothing.
I have still to put up a "clean system" with only the rsync package installed
though (and the obvious cygwin package, but I bet that one needs not to be
specified in "requires"... it's required by every package...) but "Dependency
Walker" shows only cygwin1, kernel32 and ntdll; as does KillProcess tool to
see which DLL are used "in memory"..

Can you explain me if you intend to have also a "reccomended" and "often
required" packages in the "required" part?

Thanks, Lapo

Lapo 'Raist' Luchini (PGP & X.509 keys available) (ICQ UIN: 529796)

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