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Re: [FYI] file conflicts in recent Cygwin packages (see syscheck.log)

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From: "Stipe Tolj" <>
Subject: [FYI] file conflicts in recent Cygwin packages (see

> I have written a couple of shell and perl scripts that do regression
> and consistency testing on the Cygwin distribution tree and it's
> packages.

Thank you.

> One of it checks all files included in the tarballs against file
> conflict, i.e. when the same file /usr/local/share/foo is included in
> several packages and has different MD5 hash values or even different
> file sizes.

Thats very useful.

> These file conflicts may indicate problem potentials due to the fact
> that setup.exe doesn't care about previously installed files and
> overwrites them.

This is on my todo list.

> I think these file conflicts should be resolved so the packages are
> consistent. That's why I'm posting this.


> The script also generates SQL import data to pipe to an MySQL
> database. It will be used to reference which files are included in
> which packages and the user may check if the locally installed file is
> corresponding to it.

Hmm, I'm not sure what database we will end up using for local package
mgmt, but I presume this is for script efficiency.

Chris: what would you think of having said MySQL DB on, and new packages get linted against the database?
That should be relatively low intensity...

> BTW, we may include dependance checking using setup.ini and setup.hint
> information for the single packages while file conflicts are detected.
> If you don't mind I will include this to the script.

I'm not sure what you mean here, can you explain further?

> Another script is used to traverse the distribution tree and convert
> all .tar.gz to .tar.bz2 which is obviously the better compression tool
> here.

This is wrong. It's up to the package maintainer to choose .tar.gz or
.tar.bz2, and if the package is going to be changed the cygwin version
suffix MUST be bumped.


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