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Re: [FYI] file conflicts in recent Cygwin packages (see syscheck.log)


> > > Another script is used to traverse the distribution tree and convert
> > > all .tar.gz to .tar.bz2 which is obviously the better compression tool
> > > here.
> >
> > This is wrong. It's up to the package maintainer to choose .tar.gz or
> > .tar.bz2, and if the package is going to be changed the cygwin version
> > suffix MUST be bumped.
> Yeah, do you also want to autoconvert all .tar.bz2 files to .rpm without
> the maintainer's input, or from .rpm to .deb?  This is a maintainer
> decision, not an authoritarian dictated one.

No, in general I do not want any auto-conversion. At least not for
realy _maintained_ packages like those in the latest and contrib tree.

But there are several "flying around" cygwin binary packages that are
not following certain rule sets and those may be configured and
exported automaticly. I'm only trying to normalize packages unless
there is no realy maintainment for them.

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