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RE: Apps maintainer -- do you want your name/email address in a public place

I'm thinking someone with computer knowledge, but not necessarily cygwin
knowledge, would have no trouble finding the setup.hint files at each
mirror site. Is there any reason the mirrors need to have a copy of
setup.hint? Is there any easy way they could be kept off of the mirrors?
They'd still be available in the -src files.

Here's a thought - if the package checking script becomes a reality,
perhaps one of its tasks could be to extract the setup.hint info from
the -src tarball, and put the info into setup.ini...

Count me among those that don't like the idea of a public
package<->maintainer list. I agree that we should put our own address
into .README if we want, or just


-----Original Message-----
From: Charles Wilson []

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Robert suggested adding a field to setup.hint which would never show
> in setup.ini, like: 'Maintainer".

So now the setup.hint requires a Maintainer field.  Fine.  (Of course,
someone could *directly* access
ftp://my.favorite.mirror/pub/cygwin/latest/ncurses/setup.hint, but if
they KNEW enough to do that, then we're obviously not talking about a

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