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RE: [RFP] cURL (was: It's official -- package moratorium lifted)

-----Original Message-----
From: Gerrit P. Haase []

> I'm not sure.  Someone might think: "Wow, curl, I always wanted this
> pack, lets install it." and he installs this and nothing else.  
> But cygwin1.dll is missing then and it will not work.

A person would most likely find the native Win32 version of curl 
on the cURL web site and wouldn't be looking here unless they
were also using other parts of cygwin... 

However, I understand your point, and have no problem adding it.

> BTW there are no dll's that come with ssl, 
> is it needed for runtime or is it needed to build it?

Thanks for asking. I'm used to the native Win32 version of cURL, which
does require libeay32.dll and libssl32.dll (DLL versions of OpenSSL).
I checked, and indeed cygwin cURL does NOT use the OpenSSL DLLs at 
run-time. To be sure, I uninstalled OpenSSL, and tried accessing an 
HTTPS site - works just fine. 

So, I no longer require openssl, except for building (which IS 
documented in my .README).

Could the OpenSSL maintainer consider reworking the install so as to
actually create the OpenSSL DLLs under cygwin? Then I could try 
linking against them, and save a little bit of filesize in curl.exe?

Here's an updated setup.hint:

sdesc: "cURL groks URLs"
ldesc: "Curl is a tool for transferring files with URL syntax,
and LDAP. Curl supports HTTPS certificates, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, 
FTP uploading, kerberos, HTTP form based upload, proxies, 
cookies, user+password authentication, file transfer resume,
http proxy tunneling and a busload of other useful tricks."
category: Web Libs
# if Web and Net get straightened out, feel free to switch
# curl into Net if that makes more sense. Until then, I think
# Web makes more sense to me...
requires: cygwin

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