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Re: nano - packaged and ready for some criticism :)

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From: "Christopher Faylor" <>
> Sure.  If you've got a solution, I have no objections.  I just didn't
> think it was a big deal, either way.
> And, ur, I've been one of those screwed up package maintainers.  I
> even currently rebuild dir in any of my packages and I really should.
> Or, actually, I think either setup.exe should be intelligent enough to
> do this for you or there should be some way for a package to say
> run this standard bit of machinery for me".

Chuck has made my point about multiple packages doing this.

As for some standard bit of machinery sure... There's this thing called
a postinstall script ;}.

Seriously though, setup would have to call out to ash to run a
dynamically created install-the-info-files script anyway, so having this
done directly makes to me. I've no strong opinion though, with one
caveat: whatever does it , must call install-info (ie no patches to make
setup.exe contain install-info's functionality, thank-you-very-much.)


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