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Re: indent is up now (third time)

Robert Collins wrote:

> 1) Perhaps I'm being to pedantic, but :'s in the setup.hint please.
> Also, it does work for C++, just not well :}.

Yep, you're being pedantic.  From the webpage:
"Note colons following keywords are optional in setup.hint file while they 
are mandatory in setup.ini."

> 2) you still have a patch that uses fmode. If you are linking against
> automode is that correct - or perhaps the patch is out of date?

Interject: IMO, binmode.o, textmode.o, and automode.o are all quick-n-dirty 
shortcuts.  The *real* solution is to do what you've done with squid: 
explicitly fix each and every open() and fopen() call, according to 
a_priori knowledge about the contents of each file (if possible).

e.g. .foorc is gonna be a text file.

However, this is hard, and takes a while to sort out all of the issues. 
E.g. automode = quick-n-dirty.

But, as long as the port *works* properly, the decision on how to address 
binmode/textmode issues is up to the maintainer.  E.g not me.

> 3) You've the same install-info issue that nano has (only install your
> files).
> 4) Like nano, you don't include enough information to reproduce the
> binary archive. Whilst I wouldn't put it as strongly as Chuck, this is
> reasonably important. (But not a showstopper for a straight forward
> package like indent :}).

Correct.  NOT a showstopper.


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