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RFC - a few packages


I sort of had the idea that the set of packages that are
a) in debian main - required/important/standard
b) capable to port at current time
c) not debian specific at all
are likely to be acceptable ...
Is this a fair assessment?
I am just trying to build up a list of packages to port in my spare time and
this seems like an effective way of getting a list.

To start with I am part way through porting (part way mainly because I am
inexperience with shared librarys so am unsure if the shared libraries i
have made so far are very good - also my builds currently depend on some
changes to cygwin which I have posted to cygwin-patchs - or mentioned on
cygwin ... but otherwise havent gone very far yet.)

are these reasonable?

While I am at it ...
My slang port seems reasonable except for one thing.  The 'special'
characters it uses for borders of windows etc are all ugly, like when you
take ascii art and try to open it in windows - because all the line draw
chacters from the character set have been replaced with umlautised
characters and stuff.  Any suggestions on how best to deal with this? (ie is
there anyway to change the character-set - or should i just hack the list to
find best matches available from the windows character set that is default).

Hmm one last question - 'versioned' dll's ... is there some standard for
naming them ... because they cant be numbered after dll ... like with so.


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