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How does setup.exe figure out what to install by default?

I'm trying to figure out how setup.exe decides which packages should
be installed by default.  My best guess was that "Base" categories are
installed by default, but I couldn't find any evidence of that in the
source code in winsup/cinstall (I looked at every instance of the word
"base", and unless I missed it, none of them were the one that would
key this functionality).  I found code which seems to suggest that
"Required" or "Misc" packages are installed by default, but I don't
see anything designated "Required" or "Misc" in setup.ini, so I don't
know how those bits would get set on a package (and I suspect that's a
red herring because I'm not understanding it properly anyway).

Somebody wanna give me a hint? :-)

Also, I was trying to learn something from the setup.log and
setup.log.full that get generated during an install, and there was
something about this that puzzled me very early on too -- I see
setup.exe's command line parameters logged in both log files, and yet
I don't see where that logging happens -- it doesn't seem like WinMain
passes command_line to anything, and the string "Command line
parameters", which appears in the log file, doesn't seem to appear
anywhere in winsup/cinstall.

Is there some Windows magic that I'm missing here?


  Jonathan Kamens

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