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small setup change

If someone wants a small setup change, the following is begging:

1) Alter the mirror site selection GUI to allow multiple selection.
2) Alter the "other" site selection to add a new mirror site to the
presented list, and have that selected _in addition to_ the present
3) Save the collection of selected mirrors (as opposed to the single
site saved now).
4) Read the collection in correctly, and still read in a single mirror

I'm approaching completion of multiple-mirror handling and merging code
for parsing and downloading, leaving the GUI to last, so there is little
room for overlap. If you want to do this, it shouldn't be too hard, just
drop a note to the list that you will do it. (Please only volunteer if
your timeframe is within-a-week).

The point of this effort is to alleviate some of the "I tried mirror
after mirror" complaints, and to allow a _merged_ view of two discreete
distribution points. The ini parsing code is smart enough to throw away
the prev/curr/test labels for older setup.ini's, but still make use of
the presence of a given file from that site for an available download.

I.e. the main cygwin site, and, for example, an emacs site that has a
compatible setup.ini. Or that could be a test version of some package
included in the main cygwin...


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