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Re: Is CVS setup.exe (tip) supposed to work?

----- Original Message -----
From: "Gary R. Van Sickle" <>

> >
> > You can setup a local mirror, by changing the URL that the
> > is downloaded from to point to your own webserver - just don't check
> > that change in :].
> >
> Is that required for it to work, or should it work with current
mirrors as they
> are?

It should be fine as is. To date, no backwards-incompatible changes have
been committed to HEAD. Some are upcoming, (se my setup.ini and upset
change email a few days back) and those changes while needed for HEAD,
are forward compatible with the categories parser.

> > As for this problem, try running setup under gdb and seeing whats
> > on here though.
> >
> Um, yeah, well, I did try that, with hi-larious
> results.  Well, hi-larious perhaps if it was happening to somebody
else at a
> non-godforsaken hour of the morning ;-).  Guess I have no option
remaining but
> to read the gdb instructions ;-).

gdb -nw ./setup.exe
.... *boom*
 and go from there.


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