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Re: attn: which, bzip2,gzip maintainers (was Re: some problems with setup.ini)

On Wed, Nov 28, 2001 at 07:39:38AM -0800, Joshua Franklin wrote:
>> > rxvt is still in shells, not utils
>> I'm still not 100% sure that utils is appropriate.
>Me neither. I argued for "base" :)

Arguing for "base" doesn't necessarily solve the real problem.  People
seem to be forgetting that packages can exist in multiple categories.

I think that gzip and bzip2 obviously belong in the same category.
gzip is already in Base.  Probably bzip2 belongs there too.  I think
that both should also be in "Utils".  Currently only bzip2 is in Utils.

I don't think rxvt belongs in Base.

>Actually...what happened to that list I made of stuff to be installed
>by default?  IIRC, less was in that list, and we just got someone
>complaining on about less not being installed by
>default.  What's going on here?

I think I pointed out that the current category list came mainly from
Debian.  I don't agree with less being in the base.  So, as the less
maintainer, it hasn't been moved.

>Wasn't ``someone'' going to move around several packages?  Do the
>maintainers have to do this themselves, or can the hand of fate push
>around package categories?

I have no problem with maintainers moving their packages into another
category unless someone wants to do something nonsensical like move
bash into "compression utilities" or something.


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