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RE: [setup.exe] HTTP v1.1 and persistent connections

I don't know whether it's too late at this point in the
game to mention this, but libcurl already supports all the
things you've mentioned (full http/1.1 support, reusable 
connections, etc) and it's licensing makes it fairly easy 
to include into your code or staticly link if you need to 
avoid run-time dependancies.

And it compiles nicely for native Win32 using minGW, so
you don't have to link against cygwin1.dll for any reason...


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From: Robert Collins []
Subject: Re: [setup.exe] HTTP v1.1 and persistent connections

> Have in mind that for each package to be downloaded a
> new connection is made, so the keep-alive feature does
> not make too much sense, but the slowdown I'm talking
> about is significant. I hope this will decrease the
> overall processing time.

What the HTTP object could do is have a connection pool maintained in a
static member, and new downloads can reuse connections from that pool if
they are still open.


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