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Re: question about perl -i bug

Hallo Ralf,

Am 2001-11-29 um 14:11 schriebst du:

> this patch fixes the "permission denied error for cygwin when inplace editing".

> $ diff -ubBp perl.c
> ---  Wed Nov 28 09:34:24 2001
> +++ perl.c      Thu Nov 29 12:35:36 2001
> @@ -2135,6 +2135,12 @@ Perl_moreswitches(pTHX_ char *s)
>      case 'i':
>         if (PL_inplace)
>             Safefree(PL_inplace);
> +#if defined(__CYGWIN__)
> +  if (*(s+1) == '\0') {
> +      PL_inplace = savepv(".bak");
> +      return s+1;
> +       }
> +#endif
>         PL_inplace = savepv(s+1);
>         /*SUPPRESS 530*/
>         for (s = PL_inplace; *s && !isSPACE(*s); s++) ;

Looks correct.

>> I use this kind of script to build bleadperl:
> <snip>

> Hmmh, I have done the foolowing like described in the INSTALL file and it works for 99%

>         rm -f
>         sh Configure -de
>         make
>         make test
>         make install

> The "make install" fails with an "install is up to date" error I don't know why
> so I have choosed "make install-silent" or "install-verbose" and it goes.

Hmm, there is a patch in the cygwin sources (AFAIR) to handle this, but it seems...
Additional it may be neccessary to use 'CYGWIN=check_case:strict' to avoid this, so
INSTALL will not be found if you call 'make install', the 'normal' workaround is to
use the direct targets: 'make install.perl' then also the manpages will not be installed.

> One question: Can anyone verify this patch ?

I will need some days, I'll try to test at the weekend.

> Second question: When this fix is okay, can someone tell me when an updated perl
> package will be available on cygwin ?
> I'm asking because we like to open the kde2 cvs archive in the next time and for
> that we need an updated perl.

Hmmm, lets see what is going on with perl-5.8.



Gerrit P. Haase                  

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