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RE: C99 macros in math.h

I'm sorry if I appear to be a sour wheener. I know that other people have
experienced similar problems, e.g. recompiling guile on Cygwin, and I just
wanted to report what I'had found out so far.

There's AFAIK not a problem in the newlib sources. But any application to be
compiled on Cygwin that includes math.h and tests #if defined(fpclassify) or
#if defined(signbit) will get unresolved references.

I've never recompiled a Cygwin snapshot, and I sorta hoped that 'someone'
could point to how one part of newlib (math.h) makes it's way into Cygwin
without the counter-part (libm/common/s_fpclassify.c

While I'd love to spend some time recompiling a Cygwin snapshot, it won't
happen until the end of the month. Meanwhile, I'll investigate the newlib

kind regards
Peter Ring

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[]On Behalf Of Christopher Faylor
Sent: 2. juli 2002 03:31
Subject: Re: C99 macros in math.h

On Tue, Jul 02, 2002 at 01:09:26AM +0200, Peter Ring wrote:
>My workaround was to remove the ISO C99 macros from /usr/include/math.h,
>this is probably not the correct solution (nudge nudge, wink wink, say no
>more, say no more)?

You're right.  The correct solution if you have a problem with newlib is to
send email to the newlib at sources dot redhat dot com mailing list.


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