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Re: [maybe-ITP] FreeCiv for X

Do you think it would be nonetheless cool to have a game in cygwin packages or its existance as a standalone Win32 program makes it unnecessary?

Not at all! Sure it would be cool to have that game. Isn't it
somewhat slow as a Cygwin app?

I don't know (yet), I didn't try cygwin-compiled version but instad I'm trying to compile my own.
(I never compiled X stuff, but I think I'm close)

Ohhhh... my installation missed Xfree-prog, now it configures correctly.
Compiling.... packaging... adjusting the script... re-compiling....

I've been browsing the FreeCiv site, some time ago - I remember that
in the ports section I red something about droping the cygwin version
in favour of the native Win32 one. I don't remember the exact reason
Maybe just because Cygwin/Xfree was not simple to install (it was not in setup.exe, back then) and a win32 native port existed.. and nt much people, like me, prefer cygwin ports instead of native ports (e.g. I use cygwin's gpg)... better support for "home directories" and so on...

Btw I don't know how slow the cygwin version is, but having bought
Civ III, I can say that even the retail version gets pretty much slow
when you advance through the game :))
I tried Civ3 at a friend's house but I really preferred Civ2 "feeling"... the new graphic is "too near".

Lapo 'Raist' Luchini (PGP & X.509 keys available) (ICQ UIN: 529796)

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