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new branch tagged for setup

I've taggest setup-200207 for the setup sources. This is mainly focused on pushing the user feedback enhancements out to release. (To prevent concerns about setup 'crashing' (checking MD5's takes a little time) on local installs with large package cache dirs). It also includes the new package syntax (which allows versioned dependencies and conflicting packages amongst other things), and mirror site management enhancements suggested by John Marshall.
There are a couple of known issues before release:
*) The dependency code currently does not select dependent packages. I'll be fixing this shortly.
*) The weird description in dependency bug reported by Pavel - which I saw once, but can't reproduce now.
I'll be documenting the new setup.ini syntax (it's 100% backward compatible with the current syntax, although some clauses are now deprecated) soon. Currently setup does very little with the new capabilities, which should allow gradual introduction of features, with appropriately populated setup.ini's released in advance. I've been testing this code on a 7Mb debian Packages file, which means I'm quite confident we won't see parsing problems :}.
Once I resolve the first issue above, I'll start creating regular snapshots for testing with. Pavel, can you run the current code and see if the second issue occurs for you? (It doesn't for me AFAICT). If you need a snapshot for ease of code access let me know and I'll create one.

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