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Re: Need a teTeX-beta maintainer

It makes some kind of sense.  But I already made another vague promise
(netpbm) that I haven't kept until now.

This moring after reading Christopher's mail, I downloaded tetex-beta
and latest sources to see if I could painlessly take over.  I spent a
good hour poking around, but I found that:

 * tetex isn't prepared for --srcdir builds (annoying)
 * tetex isn't prepared for cross builds (showstopper)
 * Jerome's Cygwin fixes have still not found their way upstream
 * Jerome's Cygwin patch isn't prepared for --srcdir builds

So...  I'll promise to take a look at it, because I really like to
have a good tetex package in Cygwin.  But, I can't promise to take it
over yet, as I don't run Windows (and thus also no cygwin).

Perhaps, if you have a copy of windows kicking around, you might try VMware? I've even heard rumors that someone got it running under Wine.

If I can get the beast to cross build, and get it tested, I may step
forward to be the maintainer.

Thanks for all your hard work! Your points are all well put, so I completely understand where you are coming from. *Sigh* If only updating teTeX modules were as easy as updating a perl module...

Btw: I've been putting quite some time in getting a fine guile release
    to cross build for Cygwin, because this has a high priority for
    me.  But as yet I can't get a shared version linked.  It seems I
    need the latest autotools from cygwin, but I need them as cross
    build tools.

Pretty much all of Chuck's updates to libtool have been pushed upstream starting about a week or two ago. I believe the same can be said for the other autotools. You'll probably want to get the new gettext/iconv as well. I'd reccommend getting HEAD CVS sources of libtool and autoconf, plus the automake-1.6.2 releases.


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