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libtool-CVS and Cygwin [WAS: Need a teTeX-beta maintainer]

Nicholas Wourms <> writes:

>>>Btw: I've been putting quite some time in getting a fine guile release
>>>     to cross build for Cygwin, because this has a high priority for
>>>     me.  But as yet I can't get a shared version linked.  It seems I
>>>     need the latest autotools from cygwin, but I need them as cross
>>>     build tools.
> Pretty much all of Chuck's updates to libtool have been pushed
> upstream starting about a week or two ago.  I believe the same can be
> said for the other autotools.  You'll probably want to get the new
> gettext/iconv as well.  I'd reccommend getting HEAD CVS sources of
> libtool and autoconf, plus the automake-1.6.2 releases.

Ok.  This bit of positive info was all I needed to get going again.
When I get this to work for guile, it will probably work for
tetex-beta too.

So.  Today I spent making another Guile patch to get it compiled for
Cygwin, and to fix cross building issues that were introduced during
Guile's 1.5 development cycle.

I started off getting autoconf, automake and libtool from CVS 1).
Eventually, I succeeded in cleanly cross-building a static version of
Guile, but I still can't get the shared version to link.

Here's the error that I get:

    /bin/sh ../libtool --mode=link gcc -I/home/cygwin/cygwin-1.3.10/usr/include -L/home/cygwin/cygwin-1.3.10/usr/lib -L/home/cygwin/cygwin-1.3.10/usr/lib/w32api -L/home/cygwin/cygwin-1.3.10/usr/bin  -O2 -g -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes   -o guile.exe -dlpreopen force guile.o -lm 
libtool: link: not configured to extract global symbols from dlpreopened files
    gcc -I/home/cygwin/cygwin-1.3.10/usr/include -O2 -g -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -o guile.exe guile.o  -L/home/cygwin/cygwin-1.3.10/usr/lib -L/home/cygwin/cygwin-1.3.10/usr/lib/w32api -L/home/cygwin/cygwin-1.3.10/usr/bin ./.libs/libguile.a /home/fred/cvs/guile/cygwin/libltdl/.libs/libltdl.a
guile.o: In function `main':
    /home/fred/cvs/guile/cygwin/libguile/../../guile-core-1.6/libguile/guile.c:90: undefined reference to `lt_preloaded_symbols'

Libtool complains about not being configured correctly, but libtool's
./configure script, nor guile's do offer this option, and it seems
that Google is not much of a help.

Who is supposed to provide this symbol, or how do I avoid needing it?

The patch that I used to compile Guile is attached.  David, how did you get
round this problem?  I would very much appreciate any insight into


   *) Autoconf-CVS is a bit broken, in that it only works if Libtool
      is installed under the same prefix: installing updates of
      packages as I tend to do, with prefixes like:


      won't work; you'll get the cryptic error:
          macro `AM_PROG_LIBTOOL' not found in library 

Attachment: guile-1.5.6.jcn2.diff
Description: cygwin guile patch

Jan Nieuwenhuizen <> | GNU LilyPond - The music typesetter       |

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