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Re: libtool-CVS and Cygwin [WAS: Need a teTeX-beta maintainer]

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

*) Autoconf-CVS is a bit broken, in that it only works if Libtool
is installed under the same prefix: installing updates of
packages as I tend to do, with prefixes like:


won't work; you'll get the cryptic error:
macro `AM_PROG_LIBTOOL' not found in library

Umm,, yeah -- all of the autotools must be installed under the same prefix. That's the REASON I went to the trouble of creating the wrapper scripts currently used on cygwin:
--- "--prefix=/usr/autotool/devel"

--- "--prefix=/usr/autotool/stable"

If you want to do it your way, you'd be better off installing all three of your newly built packages under "--prefix=~/usr/pkg/autotool-cvs/"

Also, you *will* run into a small problem as your collection of locally compiled packages grows. automake, from CVS, will ONLY look in <datadir>/aclocal/ and <datadir>/automake-1.6/ (where datadir is probably ~/usr/pkg/automake/share/) for .m4 files

Unfortunately, if you compile say gettext, the its m4 files will be installed into ITS <datadir>/aclocal/: ~/usr/pkg/gettext/share/aclocal/

The cygwin build of automake includes a special patch that allows you to configure the installed automake/aclocal to automatically look in a list of other directories (in our case, /usr/share/aclocal/ in addition to /usr/autotool/[devel|share]/* --- in your case, ~/usr/pkg/*/aclocal in addition to ~/usr/pkg/autommake/aclocal etc)

Wacky configurations of the autotools are HARD to get right.


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