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Re: ITP: Guile 1.5.6

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

Hi List,

Last night, I've eventually succeeded in building guile-1.5.6, with
shared object libraries for Cygwin.

Guile version 1.5.6, is now available for testing at:

After a successful installation of guile (and libguile14), you should
be able to run, eg,

    guile -c '(begin (write (string-append "hello: " (version) "\n")))'

May we have your votes (and comments) please.

Well, the setup.hints for guile-doc, libguile14, and libguile14-dev packages should all include an 'external-source: guide' line.

Also, the libguile14-dev package concerns me. It should probably be called 'libguile14-devel' (not -dev) for consistency with other packages. Also, will libguile14-devel be able to peacefully coexist with, say, libguile15-devel? Or should the -devel package be called "guile-devel' instead, so that only the latest version of the headers/statlibs/implibs are ever installed?

To me, it sure looks like the latter is true:
1) the header files are installed into /usr/include/guile/, /usr/include/guile-readline/, and /usr/include/libguile/ -- plus, there's a /usr/include/libguile.h file (not .../guile14/ .../libguile14/ .../guile-readline14/ + /usr/include/libguile14.h) so they will be overwritten by "libguile15-devel"
2) the main libraries in /usr/lib are not versioned in any way -- you have libguile.a, libguilereadline.a, and the corresponding .la files.

So, this package should probably be

There are also four bigger problems:

1) In libguile14-dev (guile-devel), these files:
Ditto libguile14:

I'm almost positive that something is going terribly wrong here. Those names just do NOT look right.

2) The import libs should be in the -devel package, not the runtime package. That is,
should be moved from 'libguile14' into 'libguile14-dev'=='guile-devel'

3) What's with the sticky bit on the directories within the archives? Is that kosher?

4) guile.m4 is in the wrong place, and in the wrong package. Currently, it is in /usr/aclocal and is part of the libguile14 package. It should be installed into /usr/SHARE/aclocal/ and should be part of the 'libguile14-dev'=='guile-devel' package.


P.S. However, I do think that guile is a worthwhile addition to the cygwin distribution...

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