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Re: ITP: Guile 1.5.6

Charles Wilson wrote:

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

Hi List,

Last night, I've eventually succeeded in building guile-1.5.6, with
shared object libraries for Cygwin.

Guile version 1.5.6, is now available for testing at:

After a successful installation of guile (and libguile14), you should
be able to run, eg,

    guile -c '(begin (write (string-append "hello: " (version) "\n")))'

May we have your votes (and comments) please.

Well, the setup.hints for guile-doc, libguile14, and libguile14-dev packages should all include an 'external-source: guide' line.
I'm sure that Chuck meant to say 'external-source: guile'

Now, as for building from source, the script included in the source package is not a valid Cygwin script. It seems to be a cross-compilation script. Would it be possible to adapt the generic build script from the package building page? Look at and scroll down to the section entitled "Method Two". Meanwhile, I will try and follow the script to manually build it, to see if it works.


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