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Re: ITP: Guile 1.5.6

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

Also, will libguile14-devel be able to peacefully coexist
with, say, libguile15-devel?  Or should the -devel package be called
"guile-devel' instead, so that only the latest version of the
headers/statlibs/implibs are ever installed?

To me, it sure looks like the latter is true:

Yes, most probably.  That's what Debian does, and advises to look over there.  In Debian, it's
called libguile-dev.  That combined with the example of
libnetpmb10-dev[el] (ahum), led me to choose libguileX-dev.

Correct. libnetpbm10-devel is wrong. It should be netpbm-devel (or maybe libnetpbm-devel) Thanks (but I'll leave that change up to you. <g>)

So, this package should probably be

Hmm, I'd say maybe libguile-dev, but I don't care too much?  Anyone
else feels like arguing?

whatever-devEL.  Consistency good.

There are also four bigger problems:

1) In libguile14-dev (guile-devel), these files:


I'm almost positive that something is going terribly wrong here.
Those names just do NOT look right.

Hmm, they look odd indeed.  I'm sorry to let that slip.  I'm so very
much not charmed by automake and libtool.  I'll have to investigate.
(..)  Turns out that I goofed, trying to fix a build problem by
transplanting from CVS.


Check the libxxxxx_LDFLAGS in for those libraries -- are they using
--version-info a:b:c


--release a.b.c

(see my comments on libiconv; shared libs with '--release' style versioning have to be handled differently than those with '--version-info' style versioning.)


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