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Re: ITP: Guile 1.5.6

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

Nicholas Wourms <> writes:

The doesn't seem right, like not detecting libintl.

Thanks, indeed.  I removed those two (very old) cache overrides; those
are no longer necessary.

It should be no issue at this time, because Guile does not use
gettext.  However, LilyPond does, and I don't understand the
(preferred) use of libintl2 [and libiconv2].

Configure only checks for -lintl, not for -lintl-1 or -lintl-2?

It's only when installing libintl-0.10.38, that I get:

   checking for gettext in -lintl... yes
   checking for gettext... yes

are maybe some .la or files or postinstall scripts missing from
libintl1 and libintl2 packages?


The libintl is built from gettext, and the libintl-0.nn.nn package only contains runtime libraries. The import libraries are in gettext-0.11.2-2. When configure is checking for libintl, it wants the /lib/libintl(.dll)a import library. Here is what you need:



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