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Packaging tools [Was Re: ITP: Guile 1.5.6]

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Thu, Jul 04, 2002 at 04:13:10PM -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:

The two best candidates right now are probably the cross-tool at lilypond, or cgf's mknetrel. Unfortunately, BOTH will require work -- lilypond's needs to "play better" on native platforms (as does mknetrel, but mknetrel is closer).

The last I heard, mknetrel worked fine natively.  I removed all of the
linux dependencies that I heard of.  There should be no special dependencies
for things like "readlink" or "getopt" anymore.

Great to hear. I haven't tried it myself for a few months -- but I did see a few messages about it on the list.

BOTH need to be heavily documented.

True, mknetrel certainly isn't documented.


I have been accepting suggestions and incorporating patches in mknetrel.

There's no reason why the stuff in "extra" couldn't also reside in the
source directory although there is sometimes a chicken-egg problem when
the functions in extra change things like the package name which is used
to find the source directory.  But those cases are the exception.

Cool. Your design seems pretty sound to me -- but the last time I looked at it, it seemed to be a bit tricky to extricate the "extra" stuff. Plus, the chicken/egg problem you mention.

I'm pretty happy with the mknetrel functionality.  It allows me to build
most packages without actually modifying anything.  If people want to
try it, I'll entertain modifications, i.e., I'll consider it supported.

Glad to hear it. Is this a change? (And I hope you weren't being "pushed" by me. I was actually trying to hint that someone else should 'support' it instead; you've certainly got enough on your plate with just cygwin, gcc, and binutils alone, not to mention the other 30 packages)

As far as a "standard" tool for packaging, the "right" answer may be "leave well enough alone for now". It's not *really* that important that every cygwin package be 'packaged' the same way -- you (and perhaps others) use mknetrel; Jan uses cross-tools; I use method 2; Corinna does some other magic...big deal.

But a well documented tool that is both native and cross compatible, like mknetrel, would be nice...


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