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Re: ITP: Guile 1.5.6

Robert Collins wrote:


If no one submits a patch for rpm compatability or dpkg compatability
with setup, then what you get will be what I code.

I happen to be a dpkg convert. So that will come along eventually.
However, rpm does nothing for me, so ... It will need a contributor to
add that. I'm happy to discuss timeframes, requirements, order of
feature addition etc with a motivated contributor.


I may be stealing Nicholas's thunder, but I believe he has already mentioned this onlist. Nicholas is currently embarked on the rpm "journey" -- he (and Gerritt) are providing and maintaining the berkeley db packages (currently 2.7.7, but eventually also 3.x.x and 4.x.x). Then, I imagine, he will be working on an *official*, *cygwin*, port of rpm. (Previous cygwin ports have NOT been part of the official setup-installable system).

That's the first step.

The next steps are:

A mingw port of the db library (static)

A mingw port of the rpm-libs (static). Testing this outside of the path magic provided by [cygwin|setup.exe] will be a trick; rpm hardcodes many things...perhaps this is the point that the oft-mentioned "cygwin path handling (static) library" needs to become a reality...

The magic bits to hook setup.exe to (mingw, static) libdb and (mingw, static) librpm.

But I believe all of the above are included in Nicholas's long term goals -- so Robert, you've got at least one motivated volunteer who has already put his money where his mouth is, with the berk-db packages...


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