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Re: ITP: Guile 1.5.6

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From: "Charles Wilson" <>
To: "Robert Collins" <>
Cc: "'Nicholas Wourms'" <>; <>;
"'Jan Nieuwenhuizen'" <>

> Understood.  Remember this subthread began NOT from a "setup sucks,
> let's all speculate about how great rpm/dpkg is".  It actually grew from
> "method 2 buildscripts suck.  There's 84 different semi-supported ways
> to build setup-compatible tarballs, but no standard.  There must be a
> better way".

Oh yes, and as you say below, the two are linked.

> Unfortunately, existing "build tools" (like rpm and dpkg) also double as
> system maintainance/package installers -- which invades setup.exe's
> turf.  Sorry. :-)
Yes, it's why setup has has the 84 semi-supported ways for so long, because
it doesn't offer a better way - and we are all agreed that we don't want to
invent one :}.

> BTW, your message should be on everybody's bookmark list the NEXT time
> "setup should use rpm/dpkg/yast/whatever" comes up...

Heh, yes, next week :}.


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