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Re: Ghostscript packaging for X11, non-X11 versions

Dario Alcocer wrote:

Are there any guidelines or suggestions regarding packaging
source, patches and binaries for programs (like Ghostscript)
that can be built for either Cygwin or Cygwin/XFree86?

Unless I hear a very compelling reason to do otherwise, I'm
planning on releasing three binary packages and a single
source package:

 * A ghostscript-base package, which includes all the
   common files required by both program versions.

 * A ghostscript package, which contains only the non-X11
   version of gs.exe, and a README describing the build

 * A ghostscript-x11 package, which contains only the X11
   version of gs.exe, possibly renamed to xgs or gsx, and
   a README describing how to build it for XFree86.

 * A source package which contains all the patches for both
   builds and both README files.

I'm picking this packaging method so that both X11 and non-X11
versions can both be installed, without getting into problems
when un-installing one and not the other.

I've looked around in the cygwin-apps archives, and I've not
found this discussed with respect to other apps (e.g. rxvt)
that can be built for either Cygwin or Cygwin/XFree86.

What version of ghostscript? Hopefully it will be the new 7.x series... As for your packaging quandry, I'll let our in-house expert Chuck comment on "how it should be".


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