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RE: Ghostscript packaging for X11, non-X11 versions

> From:
> On Sat, Jul 06, 2002 at 07:02:31PM +0100, John Morrison wrote:
> > > I would go ahead and allow ALL of the scripts and man pages to be 
> > > duplicated (bdftops, font2c, gslj, etc) into both 
> /usr/bin/|/usr/man and 
> > > /usr/X11R6/bin|/usr/X11R6/man -- without any renaming.
> > 
> > Or have a ghostscript-docs-x.y.z which just contains documents...
> Well, my personal preference has always been to include whatever
> documentation a package has, whether it be man pages or supplementary
> HTML documentation.  I figure if space is really an issue for a
> particular user, they can delete the documentation if they wish.

Actually - mine too - but it was only a suggestion based on what I've
seen debian do.
> As a maintainer, I'd rather provide the user with the complete package.
> If the original software includes documentation, then in my opinion
> the package I produce won't be complete unless I include the original
> documentation.

My only point is that you aren't producing *one* package.  If you were
coding two classes you _would_ factor out common code into a seperate
base class/included/hidden/internal/.../common entity.

> In my opinion, distributing software without documentation is like
> selling hardware without manuals.  Sure, you can *still* use it, but
> it's really a pain to download the documentation if you'd like explore
> additional features or configurations.

I object to the fact that you think I suggested that you dont 
distribute the documentation - I *NEVER* suggested that you don't.
Sometimes it's nice to be able to download the documentation without
having to install the software then you can check it does x, y, z
without having to clutter your harddrive.

At the end of the day - it was just a suggestion to *help* you
factor out commonality.  Sorry you disliked it so.


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