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Re: mknetrel for president

Christopher Faylor <> writes:

>>  * creation of cygwin packages only, by cross building on linux.
> It's not just for cross building on linux.  It can be used anywhere.

Sure, that was an oversight.

>>  * setting up the cross building environment.
> There should be little, if any cross build environment to set up.  You
> either have the cross compilers or you don't.

> I don't know what you mean by "cross build environment".  If you want
> to build on linux you have to build a compiler and a linker.

Ok, but for Cygwin that used to be quite hairy and tricky at times.
It's easy to find yourself having a cross compiler that doesn't work.
A set of simple instructions, preferrably also documented in a script,
that configure, build and install these for you can be a great help?

> Also the purpose of mknetrel is to absolutely, positively minimize
> the amount of patching that is required.  I've only found the need
> to actually patch a few packages,

Yes, that's why I say it looks like my cross scripts, for well behaved
packages all you should have to do is grab the latest tarball.
Possibly maybe rerun autotools.

>>I've done some random qad hacking at mknetrel, as if it were my own,
>>to enable packaging guile with it; patch is attached.
> If you want to submit these as individually contained patches, I'll take
> a look at them.  Otherwise, there is the generic problem with monolithic
> patches.

Sure, but how does this fit in with your 

>>  * downloading, untarring and patching of latest, pristine sources (for
>>    stuff that hasn't yet gone into Cygwin), and
> One tool, one job.  Hmm.  Where did I hear that before?

comment?  I was hoping to get a rough sense of direction on some of
these issues:

   * fixes, doco (always good)
   * better latest version detection?
   * subpackage splitting (good, maybe needs work?)
   * downloading, untarring patching good?/no way? -> try moving to ./bin/pimport

and I didn't want to take your time *before* showing some actual
code.  The patch is real big because it contains the Guile patch, but
it's not that unreadable?

Anyway, in the meantime I'll try to split up the patch and feed you
small bits.


Jan Nieuwenhuizen <> | GNU LilyPond - The music typesetter       |

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