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Re[2]: [ITP] Midnight Commander 4.5.55

Hello Lapo,

Monday, July 08, 2002, 1:42:46 PM, you wrote:

>>Please, take a look at the packages and inform me of any
>>inconsistencies you find.
LL> Binary and source packaging looks good to me.
LL> Only thing I wouldn't put a patch in the root of the archive, out of the 
LL> mc-4.5.55-1 directory.
LL> Moreover patches are already available in the correct 
LL> mc-4.5.55-1/CYGWIN-PATCHES directories.

I was following method one for packaging the sources - it seemed to
me, that the preferred place to store the patch is the root and not
CYGWIN-PATCHES. This patch is actually used ONLY to remove the
CYGWIN-PATCHES dir and its contents. I haven't done any cygwin
specific changes.

LL> Lately I better appreciate method two for packaging, but that's only 
LL> personal preference.

It was easier for me to package it this way :) If method two is
preferred I'll repackage the source that way.

LL> Are you italian? Uhm.. form the email seems not.

Nope :) I work/live in Italy though :)

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