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Re: Ghostscript 7.05 test version ready for review, upload

On Sun, Jul 07, 2002 at 02:12:39PM -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
> -----------------------------------------
> setup files:
> #1)
> @ ghostscript
> requires: cygwin libpng2 zlib ghostscript-base
> version: 7.05-1
> You don't specify the version in setup.hint.  You either
>    a) don't include any version info at all; upset will figure it out
>    b) specify using curr: prev: and test: key words...
> e.g. curr: 6.52-1
>       test: 7.05-1

Thanks, I've corrected the setup.hint file appropriately.

> requires:  libpng2??  REALLY?  Are you sure it isn't libpng12?

Yes, you are correct, fixed the hint file, both for native and X11.

> #2)
> @ ghostscript-x11
> requires: cygwin cygwin-xfree86 libpng2 zlib ghostscript-base
> version: 7.05-1
> Also, the correct require: for xfree is 'XFree86-base'.  there is no 
> 'cygwin-xfree86' package.


> #3)
> @ ghostscript-base
> category: Graphics
> requires: cygwin
> version: 7.05-1
> Ditto version:.  Also, this package probably doesn't directly require 
> cygwin.  It's just docs, right?

Yes, just docs.  I removed the requires: line.

> ----------------------------------------
> packages:

> -(nonx)- contains:
>    usr/bin/*
> -x- contains:
>    usr/X11R6/bin/*
> There are no postinstall scripts, no symlinks.  I assume, then, that the 
> -x- version was compiled so that it automatically looked outside of its 
> own -prefix (e.g. not under /usr/X11R6/, but instead under 
> /usr/share/ghostscript) for its runtime files.  This is fine by me.

Yes, this is correct; /usr/share/ghostscript stores run-time files,
and this path is compiled into both native and X11 versions.

> However, the man pages are not under share -- yet are shared.  (Not 
> complaining, just pointing it out).  I assume this was done because of 
> the difficulties involved with changing the cygwin standard -- we'd need 
>   a new 'man' package, or everybody'd have to muck with MANPATH, etc 
> etc.  This seems like a sensible way to go, for now.

Yes, I just left the manual pages in $(prefix)/man for now.  I'll have
to remember to change this to /usr/share/man after the 'man' package
is changed.  I assume we don't have to tell the package maintainer, since
they're probably already aware of this.  (BTW, I don't know who the 'man'
maintainer is...)

> (Although, I've 
> never seen localized man pages separated out that way -- is that normal?)

Well, to be honest, I've never dealt with localized manual pages before,
so I can't say.

> -src- package:
> is a 'method 1' package (  (not 
> complaining, just pointing it out).

To make it a more compliant 'method 1' source package, I moved
setup.hint into CYGWIN-PATCHES, and I renamed and moved the patch out

> BTW, refresh me on the jpeg 
> problem?  Why can't gs use the official cygwin library?

Here are the comments from unix-gcc.mak, Ghostscript 6.x:

    # Choose whether to use a shared version of the IJG JPEG library (-ljpeg).
    # DON'T DO THIS. If you do, the resulting executable will not be able to
    # read some PostScript files containing JPEG data, because Adobe chose to
    # define PostScript's JPEG capabilities in a way that is slightly
    # incompatible with the JPEG standard.  Note also that if you set SHARE_JPEG
    # to 1, you must still have the library header files available to compile
    # Ghostscript.  See doc/Make.htm for more information.

> In summary, the packages look good -- but the setup.hints need some 
> work. :-)

OK, details mentioned above are fixed now.  Please take a look again
when you have the chance.  (The files that changed are setup.hint,
md5sum, and the source package.)

Dario Alcocer -- Sr. Software Developer, Helix Digital Inc. --

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