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Re: mknetrel for president

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

* setting up the cross building environment.

There should be little, if any cross build environment to set up.  You
either have the cross compilers or you don't.

I don't know what you mean by "cross build environment".  If you want
to build on linux you have to build a compiler and a linker.

Ok, but for Cygwin that used to be quite hairy and tricky at times.
It's easy to find yourself having a cross compiler that doesn't work.
A set of simple instructions, preferrably also documented in a script,
that configure, build and install these for you can be a great help?

I'll reiterate Chris' comment, here: one tool, one job. Perhaps the "let's make a cross build env" part could be a *separate* script, that USES mknetrel.

That way, mknetrel is focused on *building packages* -- for cygwin. It could have a few tiny hooks in it, so that when called appropriately by the "cygwin-cross-env-builder" script, it will make a ????-host, cygwin-target version of any given package. (You still want to use mknetrel to do the actual building, to ensure that the build options (in mknetrel/extra) are the same as the native version of the specified package).


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