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Re: new release of Pine

On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 01:26:06AM -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
>Okay, now I'm REALLY curious.  Go to the cygwin-announce archives, and 
>see who posted the announcement.
>June? no...
>May? no...
>April?  AHA! Yep, Eduardo is the maintainer
>Basically, an unecessary PITA -- because your name wasn't in the README. 
> And all I was doing was trying to ensure that the "real" maintainer's 
>interests weren't slighted.

Actually I do it the other way around and look for the last person to
announce the package.  That is usually a pretty good indication of who
the maintainer is.  The alternative is actually installing Pine, which
is actually something that I'm not interested in doing in this case.

>>I read e-mail in both the cygwin and cygwin-apps lists and am aware of any
>>requests, bug reports, people have sent, so I see no reason why people
>>need to know who is in charge of maintaining it, when sending e-mail to
>>the list works just fine.
>Well, I guess cgf keeps a list somewhere of who maintains what...

I talked about doing that once but, lately, I've just been using

>>Would it be possible that someone uploaded this new version?, if not, just
>>let me know. People will be using the first version, and that's fine with
>>me too.
>I can't do it (easily) -- I'm on a modem these days. :-(   Sorry.

If no one beats me to it, I'll do it tomorrow.

One tiny nit, however.  It would be a lot easier if you provided URLs to
the setup.hint and the two tar balls in your upload message.  Then it
is just a simple cut and paste to upload.  The alternative is visiting
the URL and grabbing stuff from there.  It's not that big a deal but
if you provide those then things are more likely to be uploaded.

In fact, it's entirely possible that if you provide that info, Corinna
may beat me to it, and upload things tomorrow.  I know that she has
asked for similar information in the past.


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