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Re: [PATCH]: mknetrel builds Guile #2: debug

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

Hrmm.  If you're going to have nonstandard requests, it would be handy
if these somehow would be handled automagically.  How dead is CVS
development, maybe they would take a patch?

Deader than roadkill, IMO. I think they are in permanennt bugfix only mode (except for new features developed "in house" by the maintainers themselves).

That's why I am investigating transitioning us to a cygwin port of cvsnt (no, it's not just for native windows anymore...)

The thing about the ChangeLog stuff, is that it really isn't that non-standard. MOST projects dislike *patches* to ChangeLog files, and request that ChangeLog entries be sent in cut-n-paste form. This is because a patch to ChangeLog *never* (okay, ALMOST never) applies cleanly, since it is extremely likely that your patch will be queued up behind others, which ALSO affect the ChangeLog at exactly the same spot yours does: the top.

I tend NOT to modify the ChangeLog at all -- I put my ChangeLog entries in a separate file, and paste that into the email by hand...


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