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Re: [PATCH]: mknetrel builds Guile #3: libtool

Charles Wilson <> writes:

> I think you made the right decision to go ahead with guile for now.
> You can always release the next version/update of guile using mknetrel
> if/when it will do what you need.

Ok.  It was just that I really wanted to strive to unite efforts,
esp. after your compassionate post about packaging...

> But don't give up on mknetrel -- it is GOOD that cgf is going slow
> and careful.

Yes, of course it is.  At times I wish for our dictators to be a bit
more benevolent, esp. after several long night hacking sessions.  It's
easy to get a bit frustated upon a reject.
> Slow and steady wins the race.  You don't have reach the "ultimate
> solution" with mknetrel right away.  Come back to it after lily-1.66,
> and see how you can work with cgf's requirements.

Sure I will.  I'm just always a bit impatient.  I already resubmitted
patch #2 (debug), and made some suggestions for changes in #5 (split).


Jan Nieuwenhuizen <> | GNU LilyPond - The music typesetter       |

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