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Re: [PATCH]: mknetrel builds Guile #4: genscript

Nicholas Wourms wrote:

What about picking a directory for extra right now, let's say:


and have individual packages all unpack their extra script there
(maybe even junk most extra's from mknetrel-cvs itself)?

Not yet. Since all of the scripts current in /extra/ are for cgf's packages, AND cgf will probably be the maintainer of the evenutal mknetrel package itself (he owns the CVS repo for it, after all <g>) then there's no real problem for HIS /extra/ scripts to continue living within the mknetrel package.

If he wants to move them over to gcc-*-src.tar.bz2 somewhere down the line, and have them unpack into /usr/src/mknetrel/extra or whatever, that's his decision -- and it won't really affect the rest of us.

Any volunteers for packaging mknetrel?

Wouldn't /usr/src/mknetrel be more suitable? That's where most packaging systems go...

Not really. What if you download the mknetrel source ITSELF? Where do you think THAT would go? [*I* think this is the reason Red Hat uses /usr/src/redhat/ for RPM building, and Mandrake uses /usr/src/RPM (all caps)...that way, /usr/src/rpm/ could be where the rpm source itself lives)


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