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Re: Guile-1.5.6-3 available for upload

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

There just one small bugreport on -2, from Chuck, which has been
fixed, so I think this is it.

There was some delay because I had hoped, after spending the weekend
and yesterday night hacking on mknetrel, to junk my cygwin-cross tools
and use mknetrel for packaging Guile, but alas, it appears that it's
not going to be that way any time soon.

Please upload [if you don't spot some stupid mistake].

guile (1.5.6-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Bugfix for native buildscript.
  * Development package named guile-devel (previously libguile-devel).

 -- Jan Nieuwenhuizen <>  Tue,  9 Jul 2002 03:22:54 +0200


Uploaded. I made some corrections to the setup.hints, I hope that was okay.

WAS: requires: cygwin
IS: requires: cygwin guile libguile14
WHY: usr/bin/guile-config is a guile script, so it needs guile.exe from
the 'guile' package. Also, usr/lib/libguile.dll.a is pretty
useless without cygguile-14.dll -- from the 'libguile14' package.

WAS: requires: cygwin
IS: requires: texinfo
WHY: it's all info files. they don't need cygwin, they need info.exe
from the 'texinfo' package. (texinfo requires cygiwn, but we don't
list subsidiary requirements).

WAS: requires: cygwin
IS: requires: cygwin libtool-devel
WHY: cygguile-14.dll depends on cygltdl-3.dll, which is currently
distributed in the libtool-devel package.(*)

(*) This kinda sucks, because requiring libtool-devel then causes all of the following to be installed:
autoconf (wrapper)
automake (wrapper)
libtool (wrapper)

Mebbe I ought split out the dll...but right now, libtool-devel IS required by libguile14, or cygguile-14.dll will break.

Anyway, don't worry about correcting the setup.hints if they are included inside the -src archive -- just don't forget to fix them before the next regularly scheduled update of the guile ensemble.


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