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Re: Guile-1.5.6-3 available for upload

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

Mebbe I ought split out the dll...but right now, libtool-devel IS
required by libguile14, or cygguile-14.dll will break.

Yes, I wondered about this (a lilypond user flagged this problem just
a minute ago).  But I guess there's no way around this, for guile?

It's a short term problem. I've currently got a -20020705 snapshot of libtool-devel up as a test release. Nicholas has sent me a few patches, and we're tracking down one other problem as well. Once those are fixed, I'll release another test release -- with cygltdl-3.dll split out into, oh, I dunno, a 'libltdl3' package.

Once that version is made 'current', then guile's problems are solved: just change the hint to require 'libltdl3' instead of libtool-devel.

However, in the short term, early adopters of guile are going to get slammed with lots of extraneous stuff.

How does it feel to be the first person to publish a cygwin package that uses libltdl?


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