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Re: sunrpc

Matt Rice wrote:

here is what it took to get through 'make' on Corinna's port of sunrpc back from B20 to 1.3
I haven't really checked out the secure_rpc directory...
I dont have all the neccesary librarys...

on a side note, 'make clean' doesnt remove .exe files...

I got the original sources from

I've seen this mentioned on a few different mailing lists
let me know what you think..

You might want to contact Rico Juinio who was working on porting the entire SUNRPC/ONC + NFS(d) suite earlier this year. He never finished it, but promised to send what he had to anyone interested. Apparently he's got a whole lot more then just the sunrpc portion working, but I suppose who ever contacts him will be the judge of that. Here is the thread, use the email address specified there to contact him:

If you do get in contact with him and get the entire suite working, please considier becoming its maintainer. ONC/RPC support is something Cygwin could really use.


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