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Re: [PATCH]: mknetrel builds Guile #4: genscript

Christopher Faylor wrote:

Hmm.  It's sort of sad when I make the effort to read the entire thread
but still miss the point anyway.

Why not just have mknetrel use a "mknetrel" file in the source directory
if it finds one?  I've been thinking about doing this for a while.

Then there is no need to decide on a location for the "extra" files.
They'll be bundled with the src, in the same directory.

Yeah -- what he said!

Now, stop me if I get too 'method 2ish', but:

All of this assumes that the -src tarball will be "ready to go" -- patched and everything. You unpack it, and voila' : you've got

foo-1.2/foo.c (patches applied, so it compiles on cygwin)

This is counter to the RPM (and mebbe deb?) concept of "shipping pristine sources". Is there some way to do this?

unpack -src, giving:

and then running 'mknetrel -@ foo' does what one would expect? ('-@' is placeholder 'cause I can't remember the correct options right now)


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