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Re: mknetrel: sub-package splitting, 2nd try

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:


I've added some terse doco in the code, but I feel that this
sub-package splitting could do with some documentation outside the
code, in a new file HACKING or PACKAGING.  Or maybe a dummy example

Using these patches (and the LD workaround), I've now successfully
packaged guile.

What's the rationale behind moving files into separate trees, and then doing a simple 'cd $inst-doc; tar cvjf foo-doc-VER-REL.tar.bz2 *". Whhy not leave everything in the same $inst tree, and use filelists?

cd $inst; tar -c -v -j -T $doc-file-list -f foo-doc-VER-REL.tar.bz2

It seems to me that moving files (complete with dir structures) into separate $inst trees, just to make tha tar command simpler, is less than ideal.

How does cross-tools do it? (separate $inst trees, simple tar cmd, I think)

How does the existing mknetrel do it? (or does existing mknetrel have the ability to split up packages at all? It must; Chris releases gcc and cygwin...) I thought I remembered cgf saying that he used filelists to do this...


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