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Re: mknetrel: sub-package splitting, 2nd try

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

It seems to me that moving files (complete with dir structures) into
separate $inst trees, just to make tha tar command simpler, is less
than ideal.

Why do you think that?

mkdir -p $inst-libpng12/usr/bin
mv $inst/usr/bin/cygpng-12.dll $inst-libpng12/usr/bin/
cd $inst-libpng12
tar cvjf libpng12.tar.bz2 *


cd $inst
tar cvjf libpng12.tar.bz2 usr/bin/cyg*.dll

You're assuming -- and it may be a safe assumption -- that all splitting will be done via one of two methods:
1) separate make install-* targets
2) whole subtrees
I'm thinking more of ad-hoc splitting, where there are not separate make install-* targets, AND some files within a given $inst directory will end up in one package, and others from the same dir will end up in a different package. See my relatively recent post on how gettext was split up.

What I'd need to do, under your scheme, basically use
cd $inst
tar -c -T $filelist -f - | tar -C $inst-other -x -f -
to move the appropriate files, and then use tar AGAIN to create the actual archive. Kinda silly, BUT, having said all of that:

I think your assumptions are probably safe, in general, and lead to a nice understandable structure in mknetrel's code. I can double tar if I need to.

How does the existing mknetrel do it?  (or does existing mknetrel have
the ability to split up packages at all?

I didn't think so.  Did I overlook something?

??? I'll have to look...

Btw: you don't seem to have set a Mail-Followup-To: header, do you
     mind (or actually like) getting all messages twice?

Actually, my mail reader is smart.  I only see one copy, even if I get two.


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