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Re: mknetrel: sub-package splitting, 2nd try

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

Charles Wilson <> writes:

I think your assumptions are probably safe, in general, and lead to a
nice understandable structure in mknetrel's code.  I can double tar if
I need to.

I was just thinking: another reason for choosing this different
install tree thing was, to avoid the kind of homebrew things you see
in debian/rules.  But I forgot about how rpm goes about it: naming
packages, and listing file globs; and the rest is automagically.

Maybe it would be a better to replace the possibly-overly-generic-
but-maybe-impractical <symbolic-subpackage>_split () functions, by
<symbolic-subpackage>_glob () functions, eg:

  doc_glob () {
     echo "/usr/doc /usr/info"

These could of course also have a default implementation, and
mknetrel:domkdist () can handle these automagically.

Do what works. I think it's fine as you originally proposed. Mknetrel is not supposed to handle all variations of the ways people want to build and package things; it should impose 'the mknetrel way' -- as long as the task can be actually be done within those constraints.

Trying to make the tool TOO flexible ends up making it unusable.

This ain't perl (TMTOWTDI). (oh, boy, NOW I've done it...)


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