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Re: ITA: tetex-beta [WAS: Need a tetex-beta maintainer]

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

Christopher Faylor <> writes:

Jerome BENOIT no longer has the time to maintain the tetex-beta package.

Any volunteers?

Guess I must move quick now, before someone else snatches this most
wanted package.

But seriously, I managed to build teTeX-src-beta-20020530 today.  It's
still a bit of work before I get this packaged (my mknetrel way), but,
there it is.  IOW, I'm assuming there's not too much hurry to
provide a new release.

Any suggestions for renaming the tetex packages?  What if we'd do



I assume this is supposed to be @tetex-base?

  version: <new version>
  requires: tetex-bin

  version: <new version>
  requires: tetex-base


Sounds good to me [though you might considier using the proper naming i.e. teTeX-bin TeXmf-base ] but I'll let others comment on how to make this transition smooth.

Many thanks to Jerome for his efforts over the last 1+ years.

Yes, a big thanks Jerome.

Three Cheers for Jerome!

Can we have Xdvi (included in tetex) now that X11 is part of Cygwin? In fact, you might want to partition the X11 parts into 'teTeX-X11-bin'.

Thanks for offering to take over Jan, perhaps you will then want to add lillypond to the official distribution, that way you'd no longer be required to maintain a fork distro...


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