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Re: [ITP] libungif-4.1.0-1

Okay, while I think this package should be added to the distro, I really dislike the way it has been ported (sorry Lapo).

Steven's '' script is just plain wrong. libungif is a libtoolized package, you should just relibtoolize.

I've had I version of libungif around for a while -- it's here:
I posted it some time ago when Harold thought he had more time -- I thought you were basing your version on that, rather than using Steven's

BTW, you can also relibtoolize glib (and probably gtk) in a similar way. Did I mention that I *really* dislike that script?


Lapo Luchini wrote:

Libungif: a library for using uncompressed GIFs.

<here goes the ldesc>

Unfortunately I came up with no ldesc... the one on the site is way too long and I don't consider myself a skilled enough english writer to write an official text =P
Anyone has ideas?
Maybe tomorrow I could think something.

Anyway libungif is useful to me to package imlib, which is useful to me to package freeciv with gtk support... but it's a good library to read GIF and to create uncompressed gif: it is so patent-unencumebered.
I think cygwin shouldn't go without it 0=)

@ libungif
sdesc: "Libungif is a library for using uncompressed GIFs"
category: Libs
requires: cygwin
curr: 4.1.0-1

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