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Re: [ITP] libungif-4.1.0-1

Charles Wilson wrote:

> Okay, while I think this package should be added to the distro, I
> really dislike the way it has been ported (sorry Lapo).
> Steven's '' script is just plain wrong. libungif is a
> libtoolized package, you should just relibtoolize.
> I've had I version of libungif around for a while -- it's here:
> I posted it some time ago when Harold thought he had more time -- I
> thought you were basing your version on that, rather than using
> Steven's
> BTW, you can also relibtoolize glib (and probably gtk) in a similar
> way. Did I mention that I *really* dislike that script?


I have to agree with Chuck, using a script is not the way to go. You should try to get the package working within the constructs provided. Using helper scripts can (and often will) cause problems when (and if) the package releases a new version. It is better to release a well tuned and fully compatible package then to hastily release one based on (no offense) kludges. If you run into any problems, post to the main list and I'm sure one of us, who has seen it before, will be able to help you fix it. As for the descriptions, I usually just download the SRPM of the package I am building from RedHat. I then use the short and long description from the spec file as my basis. Plus, as an added bonus, you can find nice patches for security and functionality that the
good folks at RedHat have provided.


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